If your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is PCCW and you have subscribed to PCCW’s IPTV (NowTV) feature, you can enable the IPTV feature in the router’s web interface.

NOTE: This feature is supported on the Linksys MX4050-HK, EA9350-HK v1, EA9350-HK v2, WHW0301-AH v1, WHW0301-AH v2, MX5300-AH, and EA8300-HK only for PCCW ISP customers with the latest firmware with an IPTV subscription.

Before you begin:

Before you enable the feature, please note that the LAN IP address will change to from the default
You will also need to disconnect your WiFi devices and reconnect them so they can obtain an IP address from within the range.
If you have devices with static IP addresses, you will need to reconfigure them to use the new range of IP addresses.
If you manually reconfigured the LAN IP address to something other than, the LAN IP address will not change.
If you manually change the LAN IP address back to and are a PCCW IPTV subscriber, the IPTV feature will automatically turn OFF.
The feature will not work if you are not a PCCW IPTV subscriber but note that enabling the feature will continue to change your router’s default IP address.
The feature is not supported for StarHub ISP customers or any other ISP subscribers.


Step 1:
Launch a web browser and enter “LinksysSmartWiFi.com” in the Address bar and hit [ENTER].

Step 2:
Enter your Linksys cloud account credentials, then click Sign In.


Step 3:
Go to Wi-Fi Settings.

Step 4:
Click on the Advanced tab.

Step 5:
Toggle the IPTV Configuration feature to the ON mode.


Step 6:
Read the disclaimer and click Enable. Then click on Apply.


You have now successfully enabled the IPTV feature on your Linksys router.

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