IPTV Player is a video player developed from watching from a PC digital content broadcasted through the IPTV system, a subscription service, which is usually provided by broadband Internet providers and includes pay-TV channels, open signal, and on-demand programming.

Play M3U lists with IPTV Player
IPTV Player is compatible with numerous IPTV services of Russian origin, but the most essential feature is that it can read lists of M3U channels, a text file in which the web addresses of audiovisual content broadcast in streaming are accumulated.

Does IPTV Player include channel list?
Although the program does not contain listings of chains, these are usually shared on the Internet by users of devices capable of running IPTV applications: cell phones, computers, and smart televisions.

PTV Player can work with several M3U lists and display the channels in the video window to see them with a simple click.

IPTV Player Download
Download link: https://borpas.info/iptvplayer

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