1 Open the LG Content Store app.
2 Use the search engine to find the Smart IPTV application.
3 Once Smart IPTV is downloaded and installed, open the application.
4 On the right side of the screen you will be able to distinguish a sequence of characters. This is the identifier of your LG TV. Write down this sequence.
5 The next step is to load the IPTV lists. For this, use your PC’s browser and go to its website https://siptv.app/news/.

6 Next, click on the My List tab.
7 In the MAC field, enter the identifier of your Smart TV.
8 Then use the File section to load local IPTV lists or URL to load dynamic IPTV lists that update automatically from the web.
9 Finally, click on the Send button. Once this is done, the list of channels will be loaded into the Smart IPTV interface on your television so that you can access their content with just one click.

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