Although IPTV offers incredible flexibility and user experience, there’s much more to it. It’s also vital to look at both sides of the coin here, as IPTV isn’t perfect either. Here are some of the most notable pros and cons of IPTV:

Easy to Set Up and Use — All you need to get started is to buy a set-top box and connect it to your TV set. Also, the Wi-Fi connectivity that newer models have makes the process significantly easier.
It Is 100% Digital — The world is becoming more digital-oriented by the day, so transitioning to digital TV is an excellent foundation for the future and new tech.
IPTV Allows Smooth Simultaneous Streaming of Multiple Programs — IPTV services let users stream multiple programs simultaneously on different devices (TV, PC, etc.).
Variety of Service Types — The multiple types of services IPTV offers exist to fit different consumer tastes.
Allows Users a Commercial-Free Experience — Many people hate advertisements, so being able to skip or fast-forward them is an excellent quality-of-life improvement.
Incredibly Time-Efficient — Not having to wait for specific times to access your favorite broadcasts and skippable commercials is why IPTV is so appealing to users worldwide.
Network Overloads May Cause Technical Issues — If too many users watch a specific show simultaneously, the network may overload and cause buffering or playback issues.
Users Have Little to No Control Over Channel-Related Issues — If an error occurs on a channel’s end, there’s little to nothing viewers can do to fix the issue but wait.
Synchronization Problems Are Commonplace – Due to natural fluctuations in network speed and quality, viewers may experience synchronization problems. If these occur, they deal a massive blow to the quality of user experience.
As you can see, IPTV isn’t omnipotent and has a few downsides to traditional TV. But since technology keeps developing rapidly, we wouldn’t be surprised if these few issues got dealt with sooner than later. Besides, the UX improvements IPTV brings to the table far outweigh these potential problems, wouldn’t you agree?

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