The IPTV market size is massive, and new providers are entering the industry daily. That is part of the reason the demand for IPTV is growing rapidly. Here are a few IPTV statistics to better illustrate the market’s rapid growth:

The demand for IPTV services is increasing at an annual rate of 30%–35% globally.
There are currently more than a billion subscribers to IPTV services worldwide.
IPTV is most popular in European countries like France, Germany, and the U.K. These countries currently have the largest IPTV market share.
India is the fastest growing IPTV market currently and will likely pass its European counterparts in a few years.
The biggest reason for the boom of the IPTV market is the massive advertising potential it has. Advertisers can use IPTV to get in front of millions of viewers worldwide they can’t reach by other means. That is why most IPTV services operate on an advertising video-on-demand monetization model.

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